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Human Resource Elements for Practitioners

Tuesday-Thursday, 25 -27 April 2017
Tuesday-Thursday, 2-4 May 2017
Monday-Wednesday, 15-17 May 2017

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The full suite of DCIPS training focuses on interactive, engaging and concise learning products. Please contact your training representative for additional information and to schedule instructor-led workshops. You may also begin taking a web-based training course by selecting from the list below.

You may also select one of the roadmaps below to see a list of recommended courses specific to your responsibility in DCIPS. The roadmaps highlight the general roles and responsibilities in DCIPS. If you have a special role to play, such as pay pool participants or HR specialists, see the section of the course listing below for Pay Pools and HR Practitioner courses.

Employee Roadmap

Supervisor/Manager Roadmap

Leader Roadmap

To see complete descriptions of the courses to include course summary, intended audience and course length, select the DCIPS Curriculum Course List.


  • DCIPS 101 (2 hours) - Highlights the key elements of DCIPS. This is a prerequisite for all training.
  • Introduction to DCIPS for Military Supervisors (1 hour) - Targets military raters, reviewers, and supervisors of DCIPS employees. This course highlights major differences between military evaluation systems and DCIPS, their roles and responsibilities throughout the performance evaluation period, and explains the process and the standards by which all employees are evaluated.
  • Putting Yourself in the Other Person's Shoes (1 hour) - Provides strategies to improve communication.
  • Adjustment in Force (AIF) 101 (1 hour) - This training is a general overview of what an AIF is, how the decision for conducting an AIF is reached, the process for conducting an AIF, and general assistance provided to affected employees.

Performance Management

Pay Pools

HR Practitioner Courses

  • HR Elements for HR Practitioners (DCIPS) (24 hours) - Provides the detailed guidance and practical exercises that HR Practitioners need to operate under DCIPS.
  • DCIPS Retention Program (DRP) in Action (8 hours) - A simulation-based overview of the DRP, a program that assists with the placement of DCIPS Component employees pending separation by an AIF while minimizing disruption of Component hiring processes.